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I'm happy to announce the release of my new novel, Punk.

Come with me, back in time to 1932. A time between the two world wars. The Great Depression: people were doing the best they could with what they had. Under the shadow of the great Eastman Kodak Company, follow Didi, a young woman of twenty, as she illuminates her life, a snapshot in time from Rochester, New York. This is where Punk begins...

Fast forward 90 years and you will meet Delia Elliott, a modern-day teenager with a chip on her shoulder. When she unearths Didi's diary (by accident or by design?), she discovers how life and love are not so different after nearly a century. Meanwhile, another story is brewing--between Delia and her mother Heather--struggling fruitlessly to understand each other (and themselves) amid a pivotal moment of crisis in both their lives.

How will all three of these women learn from each other and from their shared past? 

Notes from Amy Q Barker:

I was inspired to write Punk after reading my own grandmother's diary. Although this is a work of fiction, Didi shares many of the same activities, expressions, and experiences as my real grandmother. I tried to be as accurate and true to 1932 Rochester as I could while also telling three captivating stories of love and loss.

I hope Punk will be a fun jaunt down memory lane for my Western NY fans and a great read for all of my faithful followers! 

P.S. That is my real grandmother on the cover of Punk--don't you love her already?

P.P.S. Check out my blog for more information on Punk.

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Love always, Amy


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