Welcome everyone!

I'm a women's fiction novelist with a love for drama without trauma. Please join me as I sweep you off your feet, lead your heart to a place it's never been before, make you think, make you fall in love, make you yearn for justice, make you aspire and hope and dream. I promise a happy ending every time--maybe not the ending you expected or the ending that comes without its share of bumps, turns, and twists, but a happy ending nonetheless. 

My novels:

Rue: Love comes for a beautiful blind lounge singer in San Francisco, CA.

Punk: Love comes for three generations of women in Rochester, NY.

Bibliointuitive: Love and magic come for a woman in French Lick, IN.

Maplewood: Love comes for a lonely, grieving widow in Heathport, NY.  

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Enjoy and thank you for your support.

Love, Amy