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Drama Without Trauma:

If you’re looking for an author that writes gore, violence, rape, murder, incest, crime, dismemberment, monsters, bloodletting, grossness, hate, or evil, then I’m not the author for you.

If you’re looking for an author that writes strong, fierce, independent women who tackle their life issues with the help of conviction, family, friendship, sarcasm, resilience, grace, wisdom, and candor, then come on inside. Welcome to my world. Enjoy the view. Rest your legs. You’re going to want to stay awhile.

When I write my stories, I try to get inside the heads of my characters and to illuminate their lives and their own unique authentic voices. I’m all about romance and love and heartache and renewal, but I’m also about honesty and pain and justice. This isn’t a cookie cutter Hallmark world. I’m going to throw in some stuff that feels uncomfortable and thought-provoking, like abject loneliness and undeserving betrayal.

But I promise you, at the end, you will feel fulfilled, satisfied, and happy (or at least like you went on a wild wonderful ride that left you wanting more).


Keep on striving and thriving!




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