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Bailey and the CEO

KINDLE Bailey and the CEO - Small.jpg
Bailey and the CEO

ISBN: 978-1-7353581-6-1


Even from afar, you could feel it: the man’s ever-present, effortless charm, looks, and for lack of a better word, swagger.

Everyone—and by everyone, I meant every female at Havelin—had speculated about his personal life. We all knew he had two sons, but what about a wife?

Not that I cared.

I was VP of Quality, a widow, and a mother raising two teenage daughters. Love was the last thing on my mind.


She was staggeringly beautiful.

And she didn’t know it. Not even in the slightest. Not a clue.

I’d never felt like this before.

Even more frightening: I liked so much more about her than her looks.

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