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A mystery, a coming of age, a family saga, and classic women’s fiction, with a healthy dose of romance and just a little tragedy.

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ISBN: 978-1-7353581-1-6

Delia Elliott just finished her junior year, unscathed and without incident. Oh, wait. Actually, there was an incident. With an ex-boyfriend. You know the kind—controlling, selfish, arrogant, all about himself. Yeah, that kind. Now Delia must face the ramifications, including being a social pariah and being grounded by her mother indefinitely.

Stuck at home, Delia stumbles across her great-grandmother Didi’s diary from 1932, and unlocks a mystery. Didi is falling in love with a man, and yet no one has ever heard of him. What happened to this man? When Delia notices parallels between Didi’s love interest and her own misguided, failed relationship, she predicts the heartache that will follow and pledges to never let herself fall victim again.

In the meantime, Delia’s mom, Heather Elliott, is divorced and struggling with commitment issues—with her children, her job, and her latest boyfriend, Brian. Will the ghosts of her family’s past teach her how to understand her defiant daughter and the inner workings of her own heart?

Set in Rochester, New York, and told in first person by three generations of women, Punk is a primer on how to recover from past mistakes and how a family legacy can be a window into the souls of survivors.

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