Lap Baby

Is twenty years too long to right a wrong?

Lap Baby

ISBN: 978-1-7353581-4-7

The rules were exact. And absurd. Could they be changed?

Survivor #1: Paige Montgomery, a sweet, hopeful, small-town young woman just beginning to find her way in the world.

Survivor #2: Julie Geiger, a divorced flight attendant and a fierce fighter. Lately, she is growing weary and needing to reinvent her mission—and herself.

Survivor #3: Marie Stanley, a homemaker, wife, and mother. She feels she’s been wronged and knows exactly who to blame.

Survivor #4: Terry Rhinegeist, a dad who decided it was better to walk away and forget about what happened.

Why do people’s lives cross in the most unpredictable ways? How do we reconcile our intermingled paths, especially when they are forged in blood?


Will love and forgiveness find a way?