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Saying goodbye isn't easy. And neither is falling in love again. Welcome home to Maplewood.

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ISBN: 978-1-7353581-3-0

Maplewood. A sleepy street in a sleepy town—a town where everyone knows your name, your business—oh, and the tragic, shattering loss that nearly destroyed you.
Amanda Morgan returns to Maplewood in this story of grit and determination, love and loss, hope and renewal. After the sudden death of her husband and stepson at a bombing at the one hundredth running of the Indianapolis 500, Amanda takes a leap of faith and moves six hundred miles away, back into her childhood home in New York. Plodding up the slow, methodical ladder of grief and recovery, she realizes not all of her demons will be left behind in Indiana.
Jonathan Galway is a man on an island. Resolvedly single after a divorce three years ago, he has slipped right into the contented bachelor life, working at a job he loves, surrounded by friends and family. When his new fishing field guide comes out, he is astonished to see a familiar face in the crowd. Is that his high school sweetheart, Amanda, in the flesh, twenty years later, causing him to stumble on his words? And maybe causing him to stumble off his island? Is he willing to tackle his own demons for a chance at love?
Set in the majestic Fingers Lakes region of Western New York, Amanda and Jonathan’s journey is one of survivors as they emerge from the rubble of their broken lives into a place where courage, strength, and healing live—Maplewood.
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