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Love comes for a beautiful blind lounge singer in San Francisco.

KINDLE Rue - Small.jpg


Rue Cavendish is blind. And beautiful. And she can sing. Boy, can she sing! But she is alone. In a big city. San Francisco. She has learned by sheer force of will and determination how to navigate and master this big city independently while completely in the dark, completely alone.

Then she meets a handsome stranger in the bar where she works as a lounge singer. Josh Quinn is everything Rue is not—tall, outgoing, popular, talkative.

Rue must choose between her perfectly ordered life and a chance at love. What will she choose?

Rue investigates four intersecting lives and how connections can be forged and broken in an instant. The story charts the emotional and romantic development of four risk-takers and how they swiftly discover the inevitable consequences of their actions.

Rue is also the story of how a woman who is blind finally learns to see.

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