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Love comes for a beautiful blind lounge singer in San Francisco.

Rue front cover white type SMALL_150dpi.


When Rue Cavendish meets a handsome stranger in the San Francisco bar where she works as a lounge singer, she must choose between her perfectly ordered life and a chance at love. Josh Quinn is everything Rue is not – tall, outgoing, popular, talkative. Oh, and he can see. Rue, blind since birth, decides to let her walls down with Josh, diving into the relationship with her whole heart. Will her fierce independence and steadfast resilience survive?

Kevin Warren is trying to save his marriage. When his wife, Alyssa, pursued him in college, he was flabbergasted. After all, she was beautiful and popular, and she had just broken up with the basketball team’s point guard. What was she doing with Kevin – a quiet, soft-spoken, nerdy engineer? Nevertheless, being the determined competitor that she was, Alyssa always got what she wanted. Back then, it was Kevin Warren, but now, only a few short years later, where do her ambitions lie?

Rue investigates four intersecting lives and how connections can be forged and broken in an instant. The story charts the emotional and romantic development of risk-takers and how they swiftly discover the inevitable consequences of their actions.

Rue is also the story of how a woman who is blind finally learns to see.

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