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Callie's Beach Ball

A middle-grade chapter book chock full of heart and adventure, set in the small town of Howes Cave.

KINDLE Cover Callie's Beach Ball.jpg
Callie's Beach Ball


Callie Branch has only one memory of her past life. A flicker, a flash, a blurry vision: a beach ball stuck in a cage filled with water. Callie is bobbing up and down beside the ball. She is wet, confused, lost. Why is this her only memory? What does it mean?

Six years later, Callie is a shy, quiet, reserved eleven-year-old. Her adoptive family has moved from the big city of Indianapolis, Indiana, to the small town of Howes Cave, New York. When she starts sixth grade at a new school alongside her brother David, she resolves to face her fears and be brave. Callie and David quickly befriend Sarah and Preston, two locals who are itching to share a secret.

How will they help Callie solve the mystery of her past and begin an adventure of their own?

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