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Dreams really can come true!

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Five years of writing! That’s a long time. In fact, it’s 1,826 days of writing. Wow, I’m tired. But I wouldn’t change a thing. Not the ups. Not the downs. Not anything.


  • The love and support of friends and family—people who believed in me before I believed in myself.

  • Leaving a piece of me here on earth that has its own life and will go on, even after I’m gone (which I hope won’t be any time soon!).

  • Having a dream and making it happen, despite the obstacles.

  • Finding a whole new community of like-minded readers, writers, and friends.

  • Finally having an outlet for my crazy, overactive imagination.

  • Reading the reviews of strangers, saying they like my books.

  • Meeting my editor, Kira Freed, who knew exactly what to say and what to do to make me a better writer and to make my books shine.

  • That I am privileged and blessed to do what I love.

  • Writing every word. Every single word is mine and came from me, and no one else. I did that.

  • These books—they are my babies.


  • The years it took me to have enough confidence to start writing.

  • The years after that where I wrote and wrote and wrote, and nothing I wrote was very good.

  • The years of querying agents and receiving rejections.

  • The days when I would rather lay down and die than write another word.

  • The days when I wonder if I’m just a fool thinking I know what I’m doing.

  • The days when I see another writer is successful and I’m still struggling.

  • The days when no one gets me or what I’m trying to achieve.

  • The moments of sadness, fear, anxiety, hopelessness.

  • The moments of “putting myself out there” only to be ignored or rejected.

  • The moments of loneliness when I feel like I’m on an island.

  • The moments when I want to quit because it’s too hard, too painful, too much.

What I’ve learned:

  • Writing is like a muscle that needs to be exercised, stretched, and pushed to make it work properly and with the best results.

  • Writing is hard.

  • Writing is exhausting, exhilarating, exciting.

  • Writing is what I am meant to do.

  • Writing is my child, my pet, my hobby, my vocation.

  • Writing is my therapy.

  • Writing is my life.

What is your dream? How will you make it come true?

P.S. Funny story: Recently one of my grandbabies noticed Punk on my bookshelf and asked if I had “put another book together” (meaning wrote and publishing another book). I said, “Yes, I did!” She went home and asked her parents, “Did you know Nana has two books?” When they said yes, they knew, she proceeded to tell them, “You know, Nana can put books together and fold knives and forks and spoons inside of napkins!” Apparently, at some point I must have mentioned that I used to be a waitress (30 years ago!) and that I knew how to prep the silverware/napkins, and she thought how writing a book was just as impressive as that! 😊

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