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Life Imitating Art

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Interesting Article and My New Book Cover: Lap Baby

I had a Bibliointuitive * moment this week. I'm still writing book number six, so in the meantime, I've been working with a designer to refresh the book covers on my current books. This process takes time and I was so excited yesterday because, after several months, I could finally reveal my new cover for Lap Baby (which, btw, don't you just LOVE it !!!).

Here's where the biblio * thing comes in: wouldn't you know it, on the same day, while I'm eating my breakfast, I see something pop-up about lap babies on the local news (and later I find this related article):

I sometimes wonder, did I will this action into being with my book? These things happen to me quite a bit (life imitating art *) and I just have to scratch my head.

* I guess that's why I wrote a whole book about it - see Bibliointuitive link for more information.

Anyway, I think it's amazing that the Flight Attendant Union is looking into the lap baby rules again. I don't know what will happen (if anything) and I can't necessarily weigh-in myself because I can see both sides of the fight so clearly (as I described in Lap Baby). All I can do is hope my fictionalized account gives some context and framing to the topic, and maybe also a form of justice to those willing to investigate this important topic further and who have suffered and/or survived as a consequence of them.

I find it interesting that Jan Brown, the inspiration for my Julie Geiger character in Lap Baby, isn't mentioned in the article, but the 1989 flight that she was on (and that crashed) is. I keep wondering if she's still alive or not? I dedicated my book to her, but failed in my attempt to locate her, so that I could send her a copy of Lap Baby. The last known information I found was from a 2019 article where she was "too sick" to partake in the interview. This makes me sad. I'm guessing she may have passed by now. And it means she may never know the result of her thirty-plus year fight, if and when it's ever resolved.

Do you sometimes wonder what the universe is trying to tell you?

I hope, if nothing else, it's trying to tell me that writing Lap Baby was a good thing, if for no other reason than it maybe brought something into the light that had long since been buried and forgotten. I'll wait to see what happens, and in the meantime, I'll keep writing my stories.

Thanks everyone, for your support. For more information on Bibliointuitive and Lap Baby, check out the links:

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