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Lap Baby: Learning to Forgive - Others and Yourself

Updated: May 26, 2023

Lap Baby. A horrible tragedy. Twenty years ago. Four people survived. No one came away unscathed.

You may have noticed a common thread in my novels - I love a story about lives that intersect and converge under the most unusual and unexpected circumstances. In my latest novel, Lap Baby, I explore how three women tackle a shared tragedy twenty years after the fact - one with action, one with anger, one with resolve.

In my novels and in my life, I'm fascinated by the journey of survivors. How did that incident affect their lives? How do they live with the pain, memories, aftermath? How do they reconcile who they are today with who they were before? Should they even try? How do they become what they are meant to be when the trajectory of their lives has so drastically changed from what they expected?

Spoiler: The idea for this story began when I was flipping through the channels one day, and I came across a show called "I Survived" where people tell their harrowing first-hand accounts of surviving a tragic accident or a murder attempt or in the case of my inspiration for this book, a plane crash.

When I heard Jan Brown, a flight attendant, explain what happened to her that day and to dozens of others as their plane went down in that Iowa field, I was moved enough to remember it and to try to capture the essence of it in a novel. Although Lap Baby is a work of fiction and is based on my own made-up story, characters, and words, I hope you will be moved by the real-life inspiration that Jan is, then and now.

In Lap Baby, I also explore how three women, leading very different lives, move on from the tragedy, embrace life, fall in love, and learn the most important lesson - how to forgive.

Love always finds a way!

I hope you enjoy my latest novel, Lap Baby.

Thank you for your support.

Love always, Amy

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